Friday, December 8, 2023

Meet the most well-known entrepreneur: BRIAN BREACH.


How a worldwide viral video turned into ongoing opportunities for Brian Breach Prior to performing hip-hop, Breach performed.

How Brian Breach Converted a Globally Viral Video into Continued Opportunities Prior to the video’s global success, Brian Breach was a hip-hop artist.Together with his friend Lex One, he co-founded and ran the record label GTPS, which eventually became an imprint that featured numerous talented artists.After that, the team ran a hip-hop blog that was popular, getting about 2 million hits at its end.Brian said that he had some of the best times of his life in hip-hop.

Toward the finish of 2016, Brian chose to turn away from music.He said that it was a conscious decision after feeling like he had hit a wall and wasn’t getting where he wanted to be.He looked for a way to carry on what he had started because he is not one to give up easily.Brian was prepared for his next chapter with a verified social media profile, a large number of followers, and previous attempts to incorporate humor into his music.

Brian’s rise to fame began when his Christmas-themed viral video was picked up by CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, Inside Edition, and nearly every news station in the country.Even messages from Greece, Russia, Hawaii, and other countries around the world were reaching Brian.The social investigation he shot was propelled by a video he saw on Facebook that very morning.

Brian explained, “I made the decision to dress as a homeless man and write a sign that said “homeless, just need a little help to feed my families through the holidays.”After that, I waited for people to give me money while standing outside of a Target store in Plantation, Florida, with my videographer in the car, who was parked across the street.Brian made the decision to recompense everyone who agreed to help him in what turned out to be a test of kindness.I ended up giving a $100 bill to anyone who came into the store and gave me money or food so they could shop.I received the most amazing responses from people!He shared, “I gave out $500 all together.”

Brian faced the challenge of maintaining momentum after his viral video went viral in order to keep the buzz going.He knows what it means to keep the momentum going because he is a creative person who has worked very hard at making music.His content has improved and become more bizarre over time.He was putting up a billboard in Fort Lauderdale with his head on a naked body off of i95 while simultaneously pulling a prank at the Miami Heat game on the Jumbotron in front of nearly 20,000 people.He had only one objective in mind:to surpass his previous achievement.

A slew of opportunities, including speaking engagements in the Hamptons, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, and Miami, among others, were made possible by the momentum of his viral video.He has also been a guest on a few radio shows, hundreds of podcasts, guest appearances on television shows, and magazine covers.Presently, Brian is also a Ted Talk speaker who has given presentations across the nation.He was asked to speak about things like “How to make a video go viral” shortly after his video went viral.However, he acknowledges that it was the last thing he anticipated after the virality of the video.

Brian is creating a television show called America’s Gone Viral, which he describes as a competitive show for up-and-coming entertainers and content creators, riding the wave and buzz that the viral video generated.To make the show a reality, the brand has collaborated with Wilhelm Cashen, chairman of the Tesla Foundation, Christine Curran, host of Dining Divas, and actor-producer Len Davies. It is quite unbelievable that all of this came from a single video.



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