Friday, December 8, 2023

Meet Lewis Raymond Taylor, the most well-known entrepreneur, founder, and CEO.


Meet Lewis Raymond the most popular entrepreneur | Lewis Raymond Taylor is a senior accredited coaching trainer and the founder and CEO |

of The Coaching Masters, an international coaching training platform and online community that qualifies, accredits, and assists individuals in becoming online coaches. In addition, Lewis is a motivational speaker while managing a 25-person team and working from Bali.

Enhancing coaches’ access to information is a major change initiated by Lewis and The Coaching Masters. Before The Coaching Masters, there was no organization that provided aspiring coaches with a complete guide to starting their own opportunity-based business.

Lewis elaborates, “Our entire arrangement is offered online in a unique way.” The preparation to become a mentor, the business strategy for acquiring customers, and the fulfillment of training with their customers are all carried out entirely online. At the same time, we assist a large number of individuals in making opportunities by developing an online business that truly has an impact on the world.

The Coaching Masters provides a substantial amount of training material, not only on coaching but also on social media, business, mentality, and way of life, as part of the inexpensive enrollment. Mentors of all levels can learn, grow, and serve in an easy and moderate manner thanks to this repository of content from industry pioneers all over the world. With nearly 1,000 members, the community has become a caring online coaching family through collaboration, encouragement, and support.

Compared to less successful business owners, many successful entrepreneurs are ready to start looking for gaps in the market. A good business is not made of a good idea. It also involves paying attention to your surroundings and proposing a solution to them.

Lewis was aware of the significance of online coaching practices. People don’t like going outside to meet people who can help them, especially in this day and age. They started looking for solutions online instead. When you attend a coaching session outside of your home, you must travel there, wait in a waiting room, attend the session, and then return home. You only need to turn on your computer to participate in an online coaching session.

This is precisely how Lewis achieved success. I told them my secrets of how I was able to rise to the top so quickly when I started getting requests from other coaches, and they also got amazing results!

Lewis is currently the founder and chief executive officer of The Coaching Masters, a global teaching preparation stage and online community with seven figures. The Coaching Masters helps people become online mentors and qualifies and certifies them.

Lewis is giving others the same tools and strategies that helped him, with the goal of giving ordinary people extraordinary tools to create opportunities for themselves and others; by teaching them how to handle opportunities.



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