Friday, December 8, 2023

Katharina Boger – The Boundless Pop Star of tomorroW-delivered her new raving success “Defying Guidelines”!


Katharina Boger, like most kids, wanted to be a singer and songwriter. However, whereas many people only dream of those things, she went out and did it.
Now that her new single “Breaking Rules” has been released, the rising pop star has demonstrated to the world that she is a new star with a loud voice and a “no-limit-attitude.”
Together with Nick J. Turpin, a songwriter and producer who has worked with Justin Bieber, David Guetta, and other artists, In her adopted home of Los Angeles, Katharina wrote and produced a mix of Rock’n’Roll and Trap music.
Not only is this song upbeat, but it also makes you want to start dancing when you listen to it.
Katharina’s goal with her music is to inspire people to take control of their lives and believe that they are unstoppable as long as they follow the right path. If you have faith in yourself and stop overthinking, no one can stop you.
Katharina says, I’m being asked by everyone: What should listeners take away from this song?
And I think: I maintain that you should move and have a great time. I need that you become boundless and go for
your objectives, risk somewhat more. You’ll feel it when you play this song when you’re getting ready for work or on a date. You are free to do anything!
Katharina, you were born in Kazakhstan and raised in Germany. After producing your first songs in London, you moved to Los Angeles. Sounds like a wild ride, right?!
“Well, it never comes down to places. It always comes down to the people you are around.
I adore being surrounded by people who are creative, driven, passionate about music, and willing to put in a lot of effort for themselves in order to take the next steps. So I trust my life will continuously be a wild ride ;)!”



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