Friday, December 8, 2023

How Lewis Raymond Taylor was finally released from prison after serving a third sentence.


Lewis Raymond Taylor has never been like the majority of people, though most people would never associate freedom with prison. Taylor experienced what he would describe as a “significant life point” while serving his third violent crime sentence at the age of 24. He realized then that if he wanted to be free, he needed to change and take responsibility for his circumstances. He has since built a life of absolute freedom for himself and assisted thousands of others in doing the same.

The “Significant Life Point” that changed everything Taylor was suffering from mental illness, substance abuse, sexual abuse, bereavement, and attempted suicide when he was sentenced to three years in prison in 2015. He describes his agitation, restlessness, and sense of missing something; a void that was impossible to fill. He tried using drugs, alcohol, fighting, sex, and gambling to fill the void, but nothing worked.

That is, until he realized at a “significant life point” that he had been attempting to solve an internal issue with external solutions. Taylor made the decision to draw a line in the sand and begin accepting responsibility for transforming his life by first transforming himself.

He set out on a journey of self-discovery, and in the end, he realized how powerful his experiences were. Taylor quickly came to realize that things were actually happening “for him,” despite the fact that he had always believed that things happened “to him.” He was able to see that everything he had ever gone through had been the best life coaching training in the world when he looked back on it.

Coaching as a pathway to ultimate freedom Taylor realized his calling to be a life coach during his first round of life coaching training after recognizing his life experiences. He started using social media to connect with and assist other people after becoming a certified coach. This gave him financial freedom and laid the groundwork for the coaching empire he now runs.

By 2021, Taylor has turned into a global Speaker, 7 figure business visionary, senior certify instructing mentor, and local area pioneer while running the world’s top web based training institute, The Instructing Bosses, a various seven-figure instructing business, with a worldwide local area, covering 47 distinct nations.

Online coaches can now be qualified, accredited, and assisted by The Coaching Masters. However, The Coaching Masters is not just a random company that certifies coaches. Their goal is to provide ordinary people with extraordinary tools that will enable them and others to achieve freedom. They are aware that incorporating coaching principles will enable them to assist others on their own liberation journeys and completely liberate the people they serve.

A brand-new man: “I can honestly say that I don’t recognize myself as the person I once was and that I no longer recognize my previous life.” Lewis Raymond Taylor began developing a better relationship with himself and quickly filled the void that he had previously attempted to fill with activities that ultimately led to his confinement. He has been able to accomplish incredible things for all of the people he serves thanks to his internal work. Taylor now devotes all of his energy to assisting others in creating a life of ultimate freedom, having gone from being enraged and restless to happy and free.

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